Make an impact on and off the field

  1. Invite fans to invest in your future
  2. Build your brand
  3. Donate to your social impact initiatives

IMPACT INVESTING uniting fans & athletes under the stadium lights

Global Fan Exchange offers an innovative way to bring exposure and donations to your social impact initiatives, all while building a loyal and supportive group of brand ambassadors who have a vested interest in you throughout your professional career.

Invest in athletes

For Established Athletes

Ultimate fan-engagement platform to further your social impact initiatives

For Emerging Athletes

Get an upfront cash advance on your future professional contracts; not a loan

We made it simple

Invest in athletes
Check your upfront cash potential
Invest in athletes
Create your athlete securities
Invest in athletes
Launch primary offering to fans
Invest in athletes
Open secondary trading

You invest a lot into making your fans proud.
Now let your fans invest in you.

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