Sports trading - Reimagined

Global Fan Exchange is a platform for fans to invest and ultimately trade securities tied to a portion of athletes and teams’ income streams. We have approached our marketplace from both a player and fan perspective and invented a methodology that we believe has the potential to benefit all participants.

Athletes are offered an innovative financing solution while building a loyal group of brand ambassadors who have a vested interest in their professional career. Fans are offered the opportunity to engage with athletes in an entirely new way, receive dividends, and eventually trade with other fans. The future of sports trading is here.

Invest in athletes
Invest in athletes

Powered by Horizon

Horizon is a leading fintech company offering a complete one-stop shop for securities trading and compliance technology.

Horizon Sports X provides securities issuance, KYC/AML onboarding and dividend payment services for the athletes and investors alike.

Led by former NFL executives and players


What’s been done in the past

Traditional athlete financing

High-Risk, High-Interest Loans

Today’s financing options for athletes of all levels include high-interest debt or non-recourse loans, which, of course, need to be paid back. If the athlete has yet to secure a contract or is unable to get it guaranteed, viable financing options are limited.


Marketing/Brand Building Inhibitors

Fantex allowed people to invest in securities tied to the cash flows of professional athletes’ player and endorsement contracts. Fantex completed 6 IPOs, with the last occurring in 2016. Fantex’s brand-building efforts were hampered as athlete IPOs had to go through a “quiet period” which prevented marketing efforts. 1

DREAM Fan Shares

High Barrier of Entry

DREAM Fan Shares is a relatively new platform that the NBA’s Spencer Dinwiddie utilized to sell his blockchain bond for $150,000 a token, which is a high barrier of entry. Investors are to be paid principal and interest on his current contract.2

Why we are different

Alternative financing

Athlete-first approach

Global Fan Exchange enables professional athletes to sell fans a percentage of ownership in their future professional contracts. The securities offering provides shareholders and their charity of choice with dividends and can act as a hedge for some athletes to provide capital up-front and allow those athletes to avoid taking high-risk, high-interest loans.

Ultimate fan-engagement platform

Brand-building with a purpose

Using Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF), there is no “quiet period”. Athletes may promote their brand, charity, and offering to fans across all platforms. The marketplace also provides shareholders with opportunities to interact with athletes and receive perks unavailable to the general public.

Complete technology platform

Accessible marketplace

The athletes’ securities will initially be sold to eligible investors utilizing Reg CF for as little as $25. After the holding period, we aim to make the securities available to all fans over the age of 18, utilizing our user-friendly GFX app.